Mr. Folxlide: CD No. 1 - crowfunding kampaň

Novinky - Mr. Folxlide: CD No. 1

Bal folk meets blues. Big time! Spare a dime to support the CD? / Lidovky hrané jako blues. Na krabici od doutníků. To chcete slyšet! Hodíte drobák?

It my CD ever scored 89 % in any review, I would be overwhelmed. Still, with crowdfunding, it's 100 % or nothing. Let's go for the last push! 89 % would make for a great review! Obrázek

You have been overwhelmingly generous so far! The CD needs just a little last push and we will make it. So please, tell your friends, get a Christmas gift for your family in advance, let your festival book me for a ball or workshop.


We need only about 30 more people to hop on the wagon and magic will be done.


Thank you all!

1/4 there!

Pesimists would say the glass is 3/4 empty. I would say this calls for a toast. 1/4 there! Obrázek

You have been amazing so far. We are almost 1/4 done, in two days. As a small thank you, I have added some full tracks to the CD preview. Few of you have already discovered them at my Soundcloud, but many haven't, so enjoy.

It's still quite a long way, so if you feel like it, give me a hand by inviting people to the crowdfunding event on Facebook or simply by sharing the project itself. 

Thank you for your generous support!