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Russian translation

Project "How to learn georgian" in the russian language. Russian translation Obrázek

We are glad there started interesting discussions about our project. For example there is request on us to make the program even in russian language. We would be glad to add an option in the form of russian subtitles into videos. However we need your financial support. We will not make it without you. We can make an attractive educational program and we are also capable of short document about georgian culture, traditions and real life. Become the part of this interesting project, which reveals something more about beautiful Georgia. Pick your reward and support us!

English translate

We are working on english translate of the project. English translate Obrázek

Because we started the project in Czech Republic we didn't count with so much English speaking people. We are so happy you are interested in this project and we are working on English translate for you guys. Thank you for support and share us please :)

Protože jsme spustili projekt v ČR nepočítali jsme s tolika fanoušky ze zahraničí. Velice nás těší, že náš projekt zasahuje tolik i do zahraničí a proto pracujeme na anglickém překladu již stávajícího textu na startovači. Děkujeme za vaši podporu a sdílení. :)